Roto Hand Wash

Titan Hand Wash Stations

Titan Hand Wash Stations have become an essential part of the portable sanitation industry. Manufactured by Quadel industries , these Rotationally Molded Wash stations are both durable and affordable .

Hand Wash Stations are an excellent solution when you need to quickly deploy facilities for public gatherings and events. Portable hand wash stations are also the mainstay of the portable sanitation industry , providing temporary facilities for workers an construction sites, and in the agriculture industry.

The Titan Hand Wash Stations are an off the grid solution to hand sanitation. They do not require any electrical power nor do they require any external plumbing or water pressure. The Wash units are self contained, providing users with fresh potable water, soap , and paper towels and the built in foot pump provides water to the spigots from an enclosed water storage tank.

The run off that occurs during the washing and rinsing process is caught in the basin and drains to an internal grey water holding tank inside of the wash station pedestal , this ensures that  no waste water enters the local environment and meets local, state and federal regulations. Titan Wash Stations are used all over the world from battle fields to corn fields, sky rise construction sites to residential home builders , and are built to withstand all types of environmental conditions.

The Wash Units are made from the same  food grade polyethylene plastics that can be found in potable water storage  tanks and other products that require safe construction materials.  The Titan series Hand Wash Stations are manufactured in the United States by Quadel Industries and all of the construction materials of are of domestic origin , ensuring  jobs and productivity stay at home.

To learn more about where to purchase the Titan Series Hand Wash Stations or become a dealer please call 1-800-289-7659 . All of our Titan series Hand Wash Stations are available under GSA Contract.